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Muslim and Jewish Comparison

January 26 20094 Commented

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Demographic Population America Asia/Mid-East Europe Africa Jewish 14 million 7 million 5 million 2 million 100.000 Muslim 1.5 billion 6 million 1 billion 44 million 400 million · Every fifth human being is a Muslim · Every single Hindu there are 2 Muslims · For every Buddhist there are two Muslims. · For every Jew […]

Six Kalma with Urdu Translation

January 16 20096 Commented

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Terrorists are not born, they are forced to become.

January 14 20092 Commented

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During the bomb blasts done by Israel last month(Dec 2008), around 600 innocents have been brutally killed. US, UK, UN are all watching this human genocide. With the blessings of European Countries, Israel is killing innocents mercilessly. Even now Media will not call US, UK, Israel and its allies as terrorists or atleast “Sponsors of […]


January 13 2009556 Commented

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The 4th WAR between India and Pakistan An unavoidable and inevitable show down to come During recent changes in the south East Asian region, with the eye on the past / history and development of Geo Political Social Economic Military scenarios, building around Pakistan , have studied some documents / evidences. In this connection, what […]

Israeli’s new terrorist attack on Gaza

January 11 20092 Commented

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GAZA: Israeli ground forces advanced deep into the Gaza Strip, but are facing strong resistance on the part of resistance fighters as they near Gaza City. 24 More Palestinians have so far been killed in Sunday’s clashes, increasing the death toll amongst Palestinians to 879 on the 16th day of Israel’s offensive in the Gaza […]

Double Standard Strategy..‏

January 11 20096 Commented

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I learned a lesson once again – never throw shoes at a person carrying a loaded gun. US President George W. Bush tells us that the US understands Israel’s right to defend itself. I think no one disagrees with the principle that every people and nation have the right of self-defence.But we have to draw […]