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Khajoor for Opening Iftar

August 22 200940 Commented

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Khajoor is one the best diet for human and is one of the favorite fruit of our beloved prophet HAZRAT MOHAMMAD PEACE BE UPON HIM Khajoor are considered a delicious addition to confectioneries and food around the world. and are serves in many different styles

Ramzan ki dua

August 22 20097 Commented

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Ramzan Mubarak to All Muslims May ALLAH give us true path of life The month of Ramadan is an Opportunity to Get Close to Allah DUA: Aey Allah, Humein Maah-e-Ramzan kay liye Salamat rakh, aur hamaray liye Rehmat bana, aur hamaray liye Maqbool bana, aur hum sab ko Maaf ferma, Aameen Woh Sehri ka Maza […]